Chandan choudhary and Kundan chowdhury , a residents of Hooghly district, included in the list of top youtubers of West Bengal

Chandan is an art teacher in Indira Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya by profession . His channel Name is Chandan art academy (6.6M + Subscriber ) . He upload art releted video on his channel . This year his channel got 1Billion+ Views on youtube. Currently his channel avarage daily Subscriber 20000+ . 

On March 5,2022 His channel had completed 1 million subscribers. After that in just 99 days his channel increased to 3 Million Subscriber. in just few months he included in the list of top youtubers of West Bengal. He got first Gold play button in Hooghly District from Youtube. Now he become Top Youtubers in west bengal.

Let us start with this telented man's most viral videos :

In this video he draw 4 soldier with his four finger at same time. This video his most popular video in Youtube. This Video got 166M+ Views on youtube.


In this video he draw Hanuman using his two hand. This video was on youtube no 1 trending for 4 days. This video got 150M+ Views in just 3 days.

in this video he draw 3D illusion video on road. in this video he got 76M+ Views and several comment like ''Telented'' , ''Real Telent sir''.

what are your thougts on videos posted by the Chandan art academy ?



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